50+ Would You Rather Questions to Play With Your Significant Other

Want to spend a bit of quality time with your significant other, and have some fun too? Try this hilarious list of funny “would you rather” questions

“Would you rather” questions have been a source of amusement for and across generations. From schoolyard silliness to drunken adult antics, being forced to choose from two or more undesirable or equally desirable options is always bound to have the collected ensemble in stitches.

Would You Rather

Tricky and fun “would you rather” questions.


 Would you rather … use sandpaper for toilet roll or vinegar for eyedrops?


 Would you rather … say “f *** you” to your boss with a guarantee of no consequences, or get free lunch for a year?


 Would you rather … be able to see into the past or the future?


 Would you rather … know something about everything in the world or be the best in the world at one single thing?


 Would you rather … be unable to lie or unable to speak?


 Would you rather … be in jail for years or a toxic relationship for?


 Would you rather … lick a tramp’s armpit or listen to Sarah Palin for an hour?


 Would you rather … kiss your own poop or touch someone else’s?


 * For men * Would you rather … sleep with Rosie O’Donnell or Sandra Bernhard?


 Would you rather … have a sweat problem or bad breath?


 Would you rather … lose your eyebrows or your eyelashes?


 * For women * Would you rather … go on a date with Bugs Bunny or Mickey Mouse?


 Would you rather … wake up from a one night stand with a sexually transmitted disease or a wedding certificate?


 Would you rather … receive anal sex or drink vomit?


 Would you rather … be reborn as an animal or a person?


 Would you rather … have true love or a million dollars?

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 * For women * Would you rather … marry someone with a large wallet or a large penis?


 Would you rather … kiss a crocodile or a lion?


 Would you rather … be unable to stop yourself from loudly farting once every hour or unable to stop yourself from loudly belching three times every hour?


 Would you rather … parachute out of an airplane, go deep sea diving, or go potholing?


 Would you rather … stop using the internet or stop using deodorant?


 Would you rather … have super sight or super hearing?


 Would you rather … have sex in the Antarctic or in Death Valley?


 Would you rather … watch TV all day forever, or never again?


 Would you rather … use your hand or a piece of expensive clothing if you had a poop and there was no toilet paper?


 * For men * Would you rather … marry someone who was frigid and beautiful or someone who was f ugly with the sexual morals of an alleycat?


 Would you rather … fight or fight fires crime?


 Would you rather … ride a whale or a pig?


 Would you rather … have a cheetah as an eagle or a pet?


 Would you rather … lose $ or lose lbs?


 Would you rather … be able to write like Shakespeare or paint like Rembrandt?


 Would you rather … eat a live fly or a dead mouse?


 * For women * Would you rather … sleep with Ron Jeremy or Donald Trump?


 Would you rather … sleep on a bed of nails or in a pit full of snakes?


 Would you rather … be painfully hungover or go to church?


 Would you rather … have pubic hair on your face or teeth on your genitals?


 Would you rather … surf the waves or the internet?


 Would you rather … be able to fly, be invisible, read people’s minds, or have super strength?


 Would you rather … be stuck in a lift with a politician or a clown?


 Would you rather … play your favorite video game for a week or have sex for a week?


 Would you rather … sleep with my best friend or yours?


 Would you rather … walk over burning coals or through feces?


 Would you rather … be a priest or a clown?


 Would you rather … wet the bed every day or always have boogers showing from your nose?


 Would you rather … be addicted to chocolate, sex or work?


 * For men * Would you rather … go on a date with Jessica Rabbit or Kimpossible?


 Would you rather … be completely hairy all over or completely bald?


 Would you rather … be a gay woman or a gay man?


 Would you rather … live in the city or the wilderness?


 Would you rather … be a porn star or a bum?


 Would you rather … fight a bull or be the bull?


 Would you rather … be a mermaid/man or a centaur?


 Would you rather … be buried cremated or alive?

 Would you rather … travel to space or the bottom of the sea bed?

 Would you rather … put a bees nest or a wolverine down your pants?

 Would you rather … be a dung beetle or a skunk?

 Would you rather … have enormous ears or an enormous nose?

Would you rather … visit a proctologist or a dentist?

Would you rather … eat your dog or eat a family member?

 Would you rather … date someone who was vain or someone who didn’t take care of themselves?

 Would you rather … be ugly and rich or poor and good looking? * no plastic surgery allowed *.

 Would you rather … pay for sex or get paid for sex?

 Would you rather … be three feet or nine feet tall?

Would you rather … invent a cure for cancer or have everlasting youth?

 Would you rather … have the genitals of the opposite sex for a day, or have sex with anyone you wanted for minutes?

 Would you rather … fight King Kong or a T-Rex?

 Would you rather … fly in the Hindenburg or sail on the Titanic?

 Would you rather … give oral sex to someone of the same gender or go without sex for a whole year?

Would you rather … have a penis on your forehead or an elephant’s tail?

 Would you rather … give up sex or music?

 Would you rather … have a missing finger or an extra toe?

 Would you rather … be able to change into a fish or a bird?

 Would you rather … try BDSM or watersports?

 Would you rather … pee yourself in shit or public yourself in private?

 Would you rather … fight with your mother as a child or Mike Tyson as an adult?

 Would you rather … drink a cup of cooking fat or eat a gallon of ice cream?

 Would you rather … have your genitals removed or gain lbs for the rest of your life?

 Would you rather … be on the bottom or the top?

 Would you rather … be the funniest person everyone knows or the most attractive?